Seville oranges are in season and there is nothing brightens my January days than making a small batch of marmalade. There are two different types on offer, 100 % seville orange and blood orange and pomegranate marmalade. 

Blackcurrant Jelly

If you like ribena – this is the tarter, more concentrated jammy version! I love it on toast – but its great with cheese and meats too.

Damson Jelly

Damson jelly is often likened to a good wine, in that it’s complex flavour profile just keeps going. Jars should last a year, from one season to the next, although they never last that long in our house! To find out how it is made click here: damson jelly preserve.

Rosehip and crab apple jelly

This jelly has complex flavour profile. The initial punch of sweet apples is followed by the floral rosehip flavour, with herbacious savioury undertones. To find out how it is made click here: rosehip and crab apple jelly.